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Hone Your Most Important Job-Hunting Skill

Hone Your Most Important Job Hunting Skill

September 16, 2015

Why do some physicians land prestigious, high-paying jobs in America’s most sought-after locations, while other doctors, with comparable experience and credentials, get only ho-hum offers in remote areas after months or years of frustration and rejection?

The reason, in a word, is connections. How good your next job is may depend less on what you know than on whom you know. To meet people who can give you an edge, join your national specialty society or at least its state chapter, as well as your state and county medical societies. Attend their meetings and major events, and start networking.

When meeting people at association events who can help you move up, try these tips:

  • Bring and distribute plenty of business cards.
  • Request a business card from each person you meet. Carry a small note pad and pen to jot down the particulars about people. Also note the names of spouses, children, birthdays, hobbies, sports, and other special interests that may arise in conversation.
  • Remembering such personal details makes subsequent conversations easier.
  • Be patient. Networking takes time. Keep in touch with key people you’ve met. A phone call, note, or even E-mail message after an event to tell someone how much you enjoyed meeting him is a good start. If your group produces a newsletter, or if you have an article published, send.
  • Renew acquaintances. When the next organization function comes up, contact the people you previously met, ask them whether they plan to attend, and make plans to meet at the event to renew your acquaintance.
  • Join a committee of an organization to which you belong. Working with fellow committee members is probably the single best way to enlarge your sphere of information and influence.

If you seek to become a physician executive, be prepared to go where the jobs are, and join national organizations that offer the scope you’ll need. Listed below are the best bets. All will send you promotional literature and a calendar of upcoming events, which are also accessible at the Web sites listed.

American College of Health Care Executives
One North Franklin St.
Chicago, Ill. 60606-3491
Fax: 312-424-0023
Members: about 30,000

America’s most influential health-care executives attend ACHE functions. Interested in management. ACHE’s approximately 140 educational programs offer excellent networking potential. There are also print and on-line versions of a job-referral service called Career Mart. Updated weekly, they list opportunities for mid- and senior-level executives nationwide.

American College of Physician Executives
4890 West Kennedy Blvd., Suite 200
Tampa, Fla. 33609-2575
Fax: 813-287-8993
Members: more than 12,000

The Physician in Management seminars, as well as conferences and “Institutes,” are held throughout the year at various locations. ACPE also offers a mentor program for physicians seeking a career change, a résumé-writing service, and a Physician Executive Referral Service that lists nationwide openings. If medical management is your next career move, ACPE is tops.

Healthcare Financial Management Association
Two Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 700
Westchester, Ill. 60154
Fax: 708-531-0032
Members: more than 34,000

More than 80 seminars and conferences offered each year by this national organization afford good networking opportunities; HFMA’s 70 regional chapters offer many more possibilities to make connections. An annual National Institute, scheduled this year from June 29 to July 3 in Orlando, Fla., is also excellent, and Exec-u-Trak, an on-line job-referral service, is another source of leads.

Medical Group Management Association
104 Inverness Terrace East
Englewood, Colo. 80112-4427
Fax: 303-643-4427

Members: more than 18,000 individual members, more than 6,500 practices

The MGMA offers rich networking opportunities through its Society for Physicians in Administration, four regional meetings, and a national conference each fall, as well as a job-referral service.

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